REVIEW: We found the best products for skin cleansing for less than $12!


Did you know that our skin suffers during summer? In hot weather we sweat, our pores get clugged, and some of the sun protectors are not gentle for our skin. Thus we need to provide basic steps to achieve perfectly smooth skin - deep skin cleansing. I picked the best cleansing products for less than $12! Cleansing gels, foams, soaps, micellar waters - all can cleanse your skin perfectly and give it a new fresh glow. All for a few bucks. Here we go! Check them out:

Mizon Multi Function Formula Cleansing Foam

I have a really good experience with Mizon multi function foam! It is very smooth, foams well and you easily rinse it. Your skin feels clean and the pores are refined. The difference is visible after only a few applications. Wait for nothing and try it out!

skin perf mizon

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Cleansing Mask

Facial scrubs can irritate the skin but this exfoliating mask is really gentle. Freeman Feeling Beautiful Cleansing Masks can absorb all dirt, remove dead skin cells and moisturize skin. It contains such genuine ingredients, black sugar, activated charcoal and ginger. And applying this mask is so quick - just 5-7 minutes and you can rinse your face.

skin perf freeman

Babaria Aloe Vera Exfoliator With Aloe Vera

Another gentle facial scrub containing 10 % of aloe vera - Babaria Aloe Vera. This exfoliator can cleanse and hydrate your skin. Thanks to aloe vera ingredients it renews the skin cells and thus provides your skin with complete regeneration.

skin perf babaria

Lumene Matt Touch Facial Toner Pore - Tightening
If you have mixed to oily skin, it needs extra care and proper cleansing routine. To reduce the sebum production, I recommend using Lumene Matt Touch which provides your skin with perfect cleaning and leaves your skin matte. This effect can last up to several hours. The product also minimizes skin pores, refreshes your skin which is then pretty smooth.
Try it out…

skin perf lumene

Sea of Spa Essential Dead Sea Treatment Bar Soap

Suffering from acne? Pay maximal attention to your skin cleansing with the help of the right products. Do you know that solid soaps belong to the most effective remedies to treat acne. Sea of Spa Essential Dead Sea Treatment is one of the best picks because it contains a lot of minerals and Dead Sea mud. Its ingredients are antibacterial and can fight acne reliably. Using the soap for some time, you will see the difference. It also works as a great prevention to any pre-skin troubles. Apply 1-3 times a day. The product makes a gentle foam. If your skin starts feeling dry, reduce the frequency of applications. The results will definitely please you!

skin perf product

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Cleansing Emulsion

Do you prefer a liquid consistency of skin cleansing products? Try Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit creamy cleansing emulsion. It contains camomile, aloe vera, citrus extracts which have antibacterial soothing, hydrating and refreshing effects. Moreover, the scent is wonderful and the dispenser gets you the practical application.

skin perf neutrogena

L'Oréal Paris Skin Perfection Micellar Cleansing Water 3 In 1

And I obviously cannot miss one of the best micellar solutions on the market - L'Oréal Paris Skin Perfection. Your skin will be flawless clean after using this product. It removes makup perfectly, cleanse deeply, soothes and moisturizes. The product absorbs quickly, minimizes the skin pores and reduces blackheads when you use it consistently. You dont even have to worry about this product if your skin is extremely sensitive. I consider this micellar water one of the best on the beauty market.

skin perf loreal


Carol Swan
Beauty Editor-in-Chief